A Guide to California Larceny Laws

If you’re charged with larceny in Orange County or Los Angeles, you need to understand the high stakes involved. A conviction could upend your life, impacting your future employment prospects, relationships, and even your freedom. It’s crucial to take any larceny charge seriously by securing skilled legal representation.

Power Trial Lawyers, P.C. is dedicated to upholding the rights and defending the interests of those facing larceny charges. Our team is known for their dedicated advocacy, strategic approach, and tireless pursuit of favorable outcomes. We have a proven track record of vigorous defense for our clients, using a thorough understanding of state and federal laws. Available around the clock, we can be reached at (844) 844-7693. Let our experienced legal team be your guiding resource and protector in the battle against larceny charges. Stand strong in the face of adversity with Power Trial Lawyers, P.C.

Definition of Larceny

Larceny, typically known as theft, is a prominent crime that constitutes a significant percentage of criminal activity in the state of California, including both Orange County and Los Angeles. Our law firm, founded on the principles of integrity, dedication, and relentless representation, is committed to representing individuals who face allegations or charges of larceny. We tirelessly stand by the side of our clients, providing sophisticated legal representation designed to achieve the most favorable outcomes.

Under California Penal Code Section 484(a), larceny is defined as the unlawful taking of someone else’s property. The prosecutor must prove that the defendant had an intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property and that the property was moved, however slightly. One does not need to keep the property to be convicted; the momentary possession with the intent to steal qualifies as larceny.

One common manifestation of larceny is shoplifting, a crime involving the purposeful stealing of goods from a retail establishment. Shoplifting cases can vary substantially in their complexity depending on the worth of the stolen merchandise and whether the accused has prior convictions.

Understanding what you’re up against when charged with larceny is crucial, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our attorneys, adept in criminal defense cases including larceny, are equipped with extensive knowledge and understanding of California law, supported by years of experience in successfully representing numerous individuals. Steering clear of legal jargon, they provide clear, effective, and practical advice that helps to navigate the intricacies of the law while ensuring your rights are preserved every step of the way.

Example of Larceny

In the complex landscape of California’s legal system, it is vital for individuals charged with larceny to understand the nuances of the law and their rights within it. Orange County and Los Angeles based law firm, renowned for its proficiency in interpreting and navigating these legal intricacies, has a track record of representing criminal defendants effectively.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself tangled in a situation where you temporarily borrowed a friend’s highly prized vintage car without asking first. Your intentions may have been innocent, to go for a short ride and promptly return it. However, if your friend perceived this act as larceny—an unauthorized taking and carrying away of personal property belonging to another with the intent to deprive the owner permanently—you’re thrown into a whirlwind of legal consequences.

Or, consider a scenario in which an expensive piece of jewelry goes missing at a social event you recently attended. You find yourself accused of the crime, even though you firmly deny any illegal activities. In both these circumstances and many more, it may seem like you’ve landed in an unfortunate situation with no way out.

However, it is precisely in these situations where our proficient team of lawyers can guide you confidently through the labyrinth of legal proceedings that lay ahead, ensuring your rights and interests are staunchly defended. With deep knowledge of California law, our attorneys negotiate the most favorable outcomes for criminal defendants, assisting in creating a formidable defense strategy in the face of larceny charges. Remember, the law serves to protect you, and with proper legal representation, the path to resolution can be clearer than you might think.

Offenses Related to Larceny

Navigating the complex world of larceny laws in California can be daunting. Our law firm, located in both Orange County and Los Angeles, is well-versed in representing criminal defendants facing these intricate proceedings. We handle a broad spectrum of related charges on a regular basis, including but not limited to:

  • Burglary: This crime involves entering a building with the intent to commit a felony or theft. Our attorneys work diligently on burglary cases to challenge the prosecution’s evidence and uphold your rights.
  • Robbery: Defined as taking personal property from another person’s immediate presence against their will, robbery charges can carry severe penalties. We strive to deliver vigorous defense strategies to combat such charges.
  • Embezzlement: Manipulating a position of trust to unlawfully claim property or assets that do not belong to you constitutes embezzlement. Our attorneys are adept at unraveling and scrutinizing the often intricate financial details related to such cases.
  • Fraud: Fraud encompasses a broad range of activities involving deceit or trickery for personal or financial gain. Our lawyers represent clients accused of fraudulent acts, focusing on challenging the alleged intent or malicious purpose.
  • Identity Theft: Illegally obtaining and using someone else’s personal details for own advantage is a fast-growing crime. Our team is experienced in litigating identity theft cases that often involve a comprehensive analysis of digital evidence.

Rest assured, with a deep understanding of the nuances in larceny-related legislation and a passion for justice, we are committed to providing exceptional legal services. Defending your freedoms is our priority.

Defenses to Larceny

At our law firm, serving both Orange County and Los Angeles in California, we understand the serious implications of a larceny charge on a person’s life. Our dedicated team of attorneys will tirelessly work to safeguard your rights, employing a range of legally admissible defenses to challenge such charges.

  • Lack of Intent: This defense hinges on demonstrating that you did not intend to take another person’s property permanently. You could be wrongfully accused if you borrowed an item with the clear objective of returning it.
  • Claim of Right: This implies that you believed you had a legitimate claim or ownership over the property in question. Evidence indicating your honest but possibly mistaken claim, could potentially nullify larceny charges.
  • Consent: If it can be proved that the rightful owner of the property consented to your action, then the charges of larceny may not hold. We work to gather evidence to substantiate your claim.
  • Wrongfully Accused or Mistaken Identity: We understand that false accusations and cases of mistaken identity occur. To this end, we will meticulously analyze every aspect of your case to bring the truth to light.
  • Entrapment: It may be argued that you committed larceny because you were coerced or lured into doing so under false pretenses. We will investigate this potential avenue for your defense if it applies to your case.

As your legal counsel, our main objective is to ensure your side of the story is heard and lawfully defended. Please remember that this list of defenses is not exhaustive and it essential for you to seek legal aid for your unique circumstances. Upon review of your case, we will develop the most strategic defense tailored to suit your specific situation.

Penalties for Larceny

Being accused of a larceny crime in California can create a moment of despair and uncertainty. At our Orange County and Los Angeles-based law firm, we are committed to representing and defending those facing such accusations. We strive to illuminate the often-confusing legal paths that lay ahead and staunchly advocate for your rights.

In the state of California, the penalties for larceny can be deeply impactful, varying significantly depending on the specific circumstances of the crime. Misdemeanor larceny often involves stolen property amounting to less than $950, a conviction could lead to a jail term of up to 6 months and fines up to $1,000. Conversely, felony larceny involves property exceeding $950 and can carry more substantial penalties – a potential state prison sentence of up to three years and increased fines, potentially into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Certain factors can exacerbate the penalties, for example, the theft of firearms or farm animals can immediately constitute a felony charge, regardless of the value of the item. Similarly, if one has prior larceny convictions, this can also lead to escalated consequences.

It’s crucial to remember this content provides a basic outline. Every larceny case is unique, warranting individualized analysis and defense approach. Our law firm is profoundly prepared to navigate the complexities of the California criminal justice system, persisting to seek an optimal outcome for every client we serve. The fight against a larceny charge doesn’t need to face alone – our firm stands ready to provide the robust and comprehensive defense you require.

Ready to Battle the Prosecution for You

If you’re facing larceny charges in California, it’s imperative that you enlist dedicated legal representation. Based in Orange County and Los Angeles, our law firm is thoroughly familiar with the local court systems and we have a deep understanding of the California criminal code. Our team of attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of larceny laws and will tirelessly work to defend your rights. We understand that every situation—and every client—is distinct. Accordingly, we’ll craft a specific strategy aimed at achieving the most advantageous result given the specifics of your case. Whether negating requisite intent, disputing ownership, or challenging the method of your arrest, we’ll exhaustively explore all available avenues of defense. Remember, facing criminal charges doesn’t make you a criminal. Reach out to us promptly so we can start building your defense today.

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